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Summer BeachThe dream of millions of Americans is to own a home at the beach.  The only obstacle for most folks is money.  A postage size lot in Southern California, with an ocean view, costs in excess of one million dollars.  In San Felipe, a beachfront home and land can be had for less $450,000.00.

If the beach is not your cup of tea, you can buy a three bedroom two bath home in a middle class San Felipe neighborhood for $65,000.00 or less.  We have never seen a better market in Baja. With zero unemployment and proximity to the border, we are attracting workers from all over Mexico and Latin

SAN FELIPE MEXICO Where the Sea of Cortez, the Baja desert and 10,000 foot mountains come together to create a wonderland for tourists and great opportunities for investors.
Just two hours from the Calexico California border crossing; it is an easy five hour drive from Phoenix or San Diego airports.  Private aviation can land at the San Felipe airport where clearing customs and immigration is a breeze

Baby Boomer retirees and young investors alike fall in love with San Felipe


  • 360 days of sunshine
  • The warm, azure blue sea of Cortez
  • A tranquil fishing village with great shopping, restaurants, and night life
  • Sea and Desert Sports: snorkeling, diving, great fishing, jet skiing, windsurfing, cycling, horseback riding, and the entire off road exploring and adventure anyone could ask for.
  • The freedom to take your dog, your horse, your vehicle or create a campsite on the beach.   Anything you want to do or take to the beach is OK in San Felipe.  The myriad of rules and regulations in El Norte don’t apply in “live and let live” San Felipe.
  • San Felipe residents and police are friendly and helpful people who respect the economic contribution made by tourists and foreign born retirees.
  • A fine bicultural - bilingual “state of the art” hospital if you need it.  Founded by a retired U.S. physician and his nurse practitioner wife it meets all the criteria of a top quality U.S. facility.  

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San Felipe
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